Check, check and double-check!

The world of the stainless steel industry is constantly changing. Clients are setting increasingly higher quality requirements for the product and production process. This trend has led to the creation of new standards such as the DIN 11866 standard for pipes and the DIN 11853/11864 standard for pipe connections. These new standards clearly specify the requirements to be met by the relevant products. One example of this is the required internal and external smoothness of Ra ≤ 0.8 mμ. This is why the standard level of smoothness chosen by MSS for the internal finish of tube components and valves produced by us is Ra ≤ 0.5 mμ.

Thanks to its unique business philosophy and years of experience in the food, beverages and pharma industry, MSS is able to respond to the ever-stricter quality requirements for stainless steel pipe systems. How? Based on a quality manual developed in-house, which ensures that all products meet the specified quality requirements. All goods produced by MSS are essentially in conformity with Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004. These goods are made from various types of stainless steel (DIN EN 10088, 304L and 316L), are provided with a batch number and are traceable via an inspection certificate 3.1 in accordance with the EU Regulation.

Upon arrival, the delivered products are checked based on drawings (3D) and with the help of self-developed test and measuring equipment. The check includes the inspection of measurements, squareness, roundness, internal and external finish (Ra values) and batch number. MSS has developed a specific quality report for each product for recording the inspection results.

To ensure that all products meet the specified quality requirements, MSS also allows independent inspection agencies to carry out random tests. These agencies test the chemical composition and tensile strength of the products. For chemical resistance, MSS also tests its products in aggressive environments (e.g. in pickling tanks).

In short: at M.S. Stainless International BV, quality is of paramount importance. This makes MSS an extremely reliable partner: for more than three decades now, MSS has been finding solutions in close cooperation with the customer.