Every great solution starts with a problem!

The word ‘innovation’ is used widely today. For MSS, innovation simply means: finding solutions together with customers for their technical or process-related issues. Thanks to its extensive product knowledge and many international specialised contacts, MSS is capable of producing effective and affordable solutions. This also includes solutions involving small specific adjustments.

For example, MSS has adapted a standard aeration and deaeration system for the wine industry to create a sanitary blanket of carbon dioxide for the production of penicillin. For the production of the contraceptive pill, working together with the manufacturer, it has adapted an existing sampling valve based on customer-specific high-quality sanitary standards. In the area of dairy farming, working together with a specialist, it has designed a number of standard units to be mounted on milkcoolingtanks.

Other examples of innovation are its check valves, which can be placed in a dairy coupling and can also serve as an aeration and deaeration system for tanks. For very low pressures, we have also developed a stainless steel check valve with a cover completely made of silicon.