The M.S. Stainless International Group – MSS for short – is a manufacturer and stockist of stainless steel components and fittings used in piping systems, tanks and process equipment for the food, beverages and pharma industry.

By combining in-house research and development with the knowhow of specialised machining centres worldwide, MSS is able to achieve an optimal price/quality ratio for its customers for both internationally standardised as well as customer-specific stainless steel products.

Our vision

Our unique and innovative corporate philosophy ensures that we ‘are able to consistently generate maximum added value for our customers!’ In today’s dynamic and increasingly globalised market, in-house research & development is essential. The production itself can be outsourced to specialised machining centres worldwide via 3D production drawings, Inventor, AutoCAD and/or CAD/CAM. This is necessary because wages and costs are rising rapidly in developed countries, making it cheaper to produce in other parts of the world. Today, a fixed geographical production facility is actually a liability. Its innovative and unique business philosophy has not only enabled MSS to ensure high-quality products at stable prices over the past decades, but has also allowed it to grant substantial price reductions to its customers for its core products while improving quality.